One of the most popular and versatile treatments available today, microneedling improves scars, and overall tone & texture of the skin.

Using a motorized 'pen' with a single-use, sterile tip containing 13 needles, microneedling punctures the skin up to 2.5mm hundreds of times per second. This gives us tiny microchannels to infuse transdermally different skin care topicals to help lift, lighten, clear acne and rejuvenate the skin. It also causes what's called collagen induction. This stimulates new collagen secretion to help both tighten the skin and improve its integrity. At Smile & Skin we can also offer the plasma facial using microneedling and platelet rich fibrin. Lastly, we use microneedling in conjunction with injecting PRF (platelet rich fibrin) for male pattern baldness and early alopecia to stimulate hair follicles for regrowth. Numbing is required and patients will experience about 24 hours of downtime. Skin will be shiny tight and rosey for that 24 hour period.