Our revolutionary IPL technology can remove pigment, vascular lesions, & hair as well as offer acne clearance and skin rejuvenation quickly & painlessly

PL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is similar to laser treatments in that it uses light to target specific 'chromophores'. These can be melanin for the treatment of pigmented lesions (sun spots, melasma, & birthmarks) or hair for hair removal, hemoglobin to treat for vascular lesion removal (like broken blood vessels, rosacea or port wine stains), water for skin rejuvenation, and whats called porphyrin for acne clearance (this is actually the only chemical versus heat reaction where we are actually able to cause oxygen to release inside the pustule to kill the bacteria). Treatments are comfortable and very quick. No numbing is needed. Results are immediate. Some IPL treatments, specifically hair removal, some lesion removal, and acne clearance need to be done in a series.