About Us


Molly Hoffman

I am a cosmetologist, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  I created New Body Now for those, like myself, who want to look good, remain youthful-looking and have beautiful skin, bodies, and teeth.  I have combined my love of fitness into the spa setting so one can get several beauty treatments and even get a quick workout after treatments if desired.


Mission Statement

New Body Now is a wellness cosmetic center that focuses on non-invasive cosmetic procedures for those who want to make a change in appearance.  Bodies and faces are our specialties.

We use the most advanced technology in ultrasound cavitation, high-frequency skin tightening and soft laser lipolysis.

We perform these technologies from all walks of life.  Whether it is skin tightening after a weight loss or an ultra- thermal facelift to reduce and or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Our client base has found a more affordable and less stressful way to achieve their cosmetic needs without downtime.  It is painless and affordable.

We bring Jupiter and the Palm Beaches an alternative to expensive and painful invasive surgeries.  We are a facility that focuses on wellness and beauty.